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"Om namO nArAyaNA"   "AndAL thiruvadigaLE sharaNam"   "srimatE rAmAnujAya nama:" 

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Saranagathi in simple language

Saranagathi in simple language

Acharyan Thiruvadigale Charanam, Sri Ramanujar Thiruvadigale charanam, Thayar, Perumal Thiruvadigale Charanam

Saranagathi - explained in simple language *

This article is a very simplified explanation of Total Surrender (Saranagathi) to introduce the concept.

There are many still trying to accept how Our sampradayam's saranagthi tatvam, which seems so simple to do at least outwardly, can give the ultimate the equality with Narayanan Himself in Vaikuntam (One doesn't become Narayanan as Advaitha Philosophy states but we enjoy whatever He enjoys in Vaikuntam, as He gives it to us).

If we want to reach the 10th floor of a building we have 2 alternatives; Climb 10 steps of stairs, fast, slow, with assistance... or take a lift.

Climbing the stairs has very very few things that can go wrong but it is YOUR effort which takes you there. Bakthi Marga is like climbing the stairs. Karma Marga with effort will take you to gnana marga and ultimately to Bakthi marga.

In the case of a lift you just get in. The electricity might stop when you are in, it may malfunction and shoot through or drop suddenly, stop in between floors etc. But when it works it will take you without any of your effort.

Knowing full well the possibilities of failure we get into the lift multiple times every day. Why? We somehow have absolute faith that it will not happen to us.

When we saranagathi that is the only thing required. Absolute confidence that our Acharyan has the capability bestowed on him through His Acharyan and the Acharyas before as per the lineage or chain of Acharyas leading ultimately to Vishwaksenar, Thayar and Perumal Himself. Once you have confidence in His capability you just need to surrender (saranagathi) and have absolute faith in the truth you will be granted Vaikuntam provided you keep trying to follow what will please Him.

Any errors or omissions Kshamikka Prarthikiren

*Heard from Shri Velukkudi Swamy's discourse

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