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Swami Vedanta Desikan 750th Birth Anniversary

Swami Vedanta Desikan's 750th Thirunakshatram

Sri Andal Sydney group celebrated Swami Desikan's 750th thirunakshatram on Sunday September 23, 2018 at Reg Byrne Community Centre, Wentworthville.

Please find below a selection of photographs of this event. Thanks to Ramesh Raghuraman for the photos.

During the event, there was a presentation made on the life of Swami Desikan. A copy of the presentation is available here.



The following comments have been made by Preetha Srinivasan who attended the Swami Desikan celebrations.


With Acharyan’s Anugraham Sydney Andal group celebrated Swamy Vedantha Desikar’s 750th Thirunakshatram on the 23rd of September 2018 in Sydney. The delegation of work to different group of people by Vaidehi Swamin was well received and executed.

The event began with the performing of Thiruvaaradanam by Ravi Swamin. We felt very blessed to have witnessed the same. It was followed by a presentation of Swamy Desikar by Suresh Swamin. A very special thanks to him for putting together such a wonderful presentation and enlightening us on the life of Swamy Desikar. We would like to receive more of such insights about our Sampradhaayam.

Many up comers were given the opportunity to recite Swami Desikar prabandham and sthothrams for the first time. Generally, in our kshethrams, people who have already chanted prabandhams and strothras, can only recite in the ghosti. It is unheard of where a newcomer gets an opportunity to lead the chanting. The seniors in chanting experts have graciously taken the second row in this event. Viewing this wonderful execution as a spectator, it was nice to see them supporting and motivating the up comers to recite in their own pace. It should also be mentioned, the newcomers have put in enormous effort for event, apart from their regular duties, be it practising slokas or performing kaimkaryams. This event has given more encouragement, confidence, approachability and involvements for everyone and also it exhibits the generosity, magnanimity and supportive nature of the elders in the group.

Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share this divine experience with everyone.

Dhanyosmi. Vasika dhosa kshandavya.